Talking poetics: José Luiz Passos and Patricia Van Dalen



Talking poetics

A series of conversations with writers and artists to discuss poetics, in writing, the visual arts, music and other forms of creative expression. We will discuss inspiration, creativity, challenges, as well as other themes connecting people who dedicate their lives to the arts.

May 12 | 3 pm – 5 pm
Conversation with José Luiz Passos (Brazil) and Patricia Van Dalen (Venezuela)
Bilingual: English and Spanish
Curators: Mercedes Roffé and Ana Rüsche
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José Luiz Passos and Patricia Van Dalen

José Luiz Passos (Brazil, 1971) teaches Brazilian literature at UCLA. He has published four novels: Nosso grão mais fino (Our Finest Grain, 2009); O sonâmbulo amador (The Amateur Sleepwalker, 2012), winner of the Portugal Telecom Literary Award and the Biennial Brasília Literary Prize; O marechal de costas (The Back-Turned Marshal, 2016); and Antologia fantástica da República brasileira (A Fantastic Anthology of the Brazilian Republic, 2017). He has read from his fiction at the Paraty Literary Festival (FLIP, Brazil), the Guadalajara International Literary Fair (Mexico), the Flipside Literary Festival (UK), the Library of Congress, and a number of American universities including Princeton and Stanford. site | wikipedia

Patricia Van Dalen (Venezuela, 1955) es una artista residenciada en Miami, cuya dilatada y reconocida trayectoria se centra en el lenguaje de la abstracción. Su extenso cuerpo de trabajo abarca el uso de medios como la pintura, la gráfica, el collage, las instalaciones efímeras, el diseño de obras para espacios arquitectónicos, y más recientemente la fotografía y el video. Formada en el Instituto de Diseño Neumann, en Caracas, y en el Proyecto Educación Visual Método Agam, en París, Van Dalen desarrolla su obra plástica como una poética de las estructuras, a través de la fragmentación de formas, planos, líneas, y color. site | wikipedia


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Talking poetics/ Hablando de poética
12 May, 3 pm – 5 pm
With José Luiz Passos and Patricia Van Dalen

The Tompkins Square Branch of The New York Public Library
331 E 10th Street
Lower East Side
New York, NY

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